Are you looking to grow and expand, both psychologically and spiritually? Are you coming up against stuck places? Do you wish there was greater flow in your life? Can you imagine a life with greater intimacy, both with yourself and others?

If you are looking for a holistic approach to mind-body awakening and self-discovery, I offer guidance and support for your journey.

My work is rooted in the Hakomi Method, an elegant, experiential kind of mindfulness-based somatic therapy. My work is also informed by Buddhist meditation practice, by shamanic practices, and by Continuum Movement.

My passion for healing stems from my own journey. Growing up in western culture, most of us have experienced some traumatic events (in fact, we are living through one now), but we tend to perceive them and their symptoms as normal. Often it’s not until later in life that we realize we are struggling with recurring self-limiting thoughts and habits–ways we split off from our true nature, from our sense of wholeness and our true potential. Through the journey of discovery with a caring guide, we become self-aware and our wounds can heal.

Our indigenous ancestors didn’t intend us to make the journey alone. We are wise when we reach out for guidance and support.

My small meditation center also serves as my office space where I meet with clients. It’s a beautiful and nourishing space, surrounded by nature.

Sessions generally run 1¼ hours. My fees are based on a sliding scale, $30-$90. I work with an honor system, where you choose a figure that makes a small dent in your wallet, but doesn’t add more stress into your life.

I look forward to hearing from you  : ) Jo

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